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Our History

Originating as a traditional celadon maker in 1999, C&P Celadon soon expanded to production of fine stoneware with an international clientele. Offering handcrafted tabletop ceramics, the brand is trusted by hotels, restaurants and catering businesses (HORECA) around the globe.

C&P’s founder holds 40 years of experience in the hospitality industry and with our global network, we are uniquely positioned to understand not only ceramic production but also the singular needs of HORECA customers. We offer a vast array of unique natural colours and designs, and we produce in small or large quantity as required by our customers. Committed to providing superior quality and artisanship, we work with you to tailor products that are distinctive for your own brand and culinary tastes. 

Our factory is located in a rural area of Kanchanaburi, Thailand near the River Kwai where products are created by local artisans, reflecting our commitment to fair employment and support of the local community. C&P offers infinite possibilities to meet specific customer needs. Wherever in the world you are, our stoneware will enhance the dining experience, complementing your food with art.

Our Philosophy


C&P Celadon is a small family-run ceramic factory that creates simple yet special stoneware products with infinite possibilities. We make unique products customized to our clients’ specifications, and we go the extra mile to make beautiful things possible. We take pride in our mission to design and create celadon and ceramic tableware and other ceramic accessories of the finest quality that enhance the living and dining experience for all

We possess long-standing business knowledge of the HORECA industry.


We create unique stoneware products with infinite possibilities.

We love what we do and we believe in service to our community.



We strive always to achieve the highest quality in our work. 


We handcraft our ceramics using the finest natural materials.

We believe everything is possible and we work to make it happen.



We generate new product designs to meet customer needs.


Be the finest, most customer-focused stoneware company for top hotels and restaurants around the world


C&P Celadon designs and creates tableware and other ceramic accessories of the finest quality to enhance the living and dining experience for all

Factory visit

Interested in seeing how to make beautiful ceramics?

We welcome you to witness the daily work at the factory and see the processes required to create our C&P products. You can also pick up some gifts home from our factory outlet. We are located in Kanchanaburi province, 185 km from Bangkok. Contact us at to plan your visit

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